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Genre: Children's Fiction, Humorous, Animals

Age Range: 6-12

Grade Level:  1st-7th

Pages: 111 (Paperback)

Teddy Published Book at 15 (6/16/2020)

Is Tucker Really Prepared To Protect His Family From Impending Danger?

Tucker, a three-year-old Vizslador puppy, is terrified. But what is he terrified of? Everything. In our story, Tucker's greatest crisis is fear itself. God didn't create him with nerves of steel and that's the hard truth. Nevertheless, our protagonist is confronted on a sunny afternoon by a savage, vicious, man-eating German Shepherd, or, at least, that's how Tucker sees him in his head. In actuality, Tucker meets a decade-and-a-half-year-old stuffed animal named Prince. Prince mentors Tucker towards bravery until, one day, Tucker has to rise up to the ultimate test and prove his fearlessness by preventing his home from being robbed by the sinister mailman, Dave.